• Gaters, Skeeters and Malary, by Judge Ellis C. May

A young man on the eve of his departure for Florida in the 1880s would be met with something like the following from his elders:

"Well, ye prob'ly won't git back. Them there bad men'll kill ye, er the gaters'll eat ye, er the skeeters'll give ye malary an' that'll kill ye."

Undaunted, and lured by the vast realm of unexplored territory to the south of him, Ellis Connell May struck out with the same resolve that had prompted his forefathers to pioneer the West a century before. He was twenty-four years old when he first arrived in Citrus County, there to begin a career which took him in successive stages from work as a common laborer to the legal profession, including state's attorney, member of the House of Representatives, and judge of Citrus County.

All the courage, the humor, and the romance of pioneer days come to life in these tales. They are told with a vividness of detail and a warm gusto that carries the reader along. For every American who would know the glory of our country's heritage, here is a flavorful slice of authentic American folklore.

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Gaters, Skeeters and Malary, by Judge Ellis C. May

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