For over 300 years, Florida cuisine has evolved and expanded as new residents have arrived... and it is still changing. It has absorbed the simple, sturdy fares of New Englanders and the wiener schnitzel of brides coming from Germany after World War II to make homes for their G.I. husbands. More recently, it has taken on he spice and kick of food prepared by transplanted Puerto Ricans and Mexicans, as well as French-inspired dishes of former Louisiana Creoles. Cuban, Jewish, and Minorcan communities have made their culinary contributions, while traditional Southern cooking is the mainstay on many Florida dinner tables.

The Sunshine State's bounty of year-round produce, home-grown beef and dairy products, and fresh-off-the-boat seafood give Florida cooks a cornucopia of ingredients to choose from, adding further to the diversity of its cuisine.

In Florida, food runs the gamut from "down home" to elegant gourmet fare. From Floridian homes, as well as from many excellent restaurants, comes this collection of the most prized recipes of the Sunshine State!

Cook and Enjoy!!

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Famous Florida Recipes by Lowis Carlton

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