Cracker Westerns are rip-roarin' action-packed, can't-put-'em-down tales set in the frontier days of Florida. They are full of adventure, real heroes, and vivid, authentic details that bring Florida's history to life.

It's 1877 and Florida Cowboy Tate Barkley sets out into the vast and ominous swampland west of Orlando. He doesn't get far before he's waylaid and left for dead by some henchmen sent by the ruthless and mysterious Mr. Ravenant. But then Tate meets up with the odd and ornery little bald "perfessor" named Monk, who sells elixirs from his odd contraption of a wagon. Tate and Monk - and an odd assortment of other characters - pursue Tate's attackers into the heart of the Green Swamp, where amid the moss-draped cypress looming in the murky waters that have seemingly swallowed up previous travelers, they meet up with the evil forces behind the local legends of the ghosts and witches of the swamp. This Cracker Western will have your spine tingling as it races on to the all-out showdown at the end.

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Ghosts of the Green Swamp by Lee Gramling

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