Jim Bob Tinsley, the number two inductee into the National Cowboy Song and Poetry Hall of Fame, has written the fist book on Bone Mizell, the "cracker wag on the Florida cow country," a man who used his sense of humor and a bottle of booze to survive in the Florida cowman's world at the turn of the century, a world of cattle wars, vigilante actions, hangings, lynchings, fence-cuttings, and Cowtown duels. "Bone Mizell was just a typical cowboy - the way Paul Bunyan was a typical lumberjack."

Author of many works on Florida and Western subjects, Jim Bob Tinsely lived in Ocala, Florida and Brevard, North Carolina. His book on cowboy music, He Was Singin' This Song, has become a classic.

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Florida Cow Hunter: The Life and Times of Bone Mizell by Jim Bob Tinsley

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