"This volume - part anthology, part anthropology, part history, part folklore - celebrates Florida's rich and diverse Cracker heritage. Dana Ste. Claire and The Museum of Arts and Sciences deserves much praise for bringing together these vivid images of Florida's frontier people who did not just live but flourished in a time before air conditioning, mosquito repellant, and screens. While many of these depictions of Crackers may seem negative or ambivalent to modern tastes, Ste. Claire's work reminds us that "Cracker Culture" and ways also offer positive legacies valuable for our present generation: self-reliance, self-sufficiency, honesty, and finally a simple and direct approach to people and problems."

--Praise from Dr. James M. Denham, Professor of History, Florida Southern College

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Cracker: The Cracker Culture in Florida History by Dana Ste. Claire

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